Rachel Sakai

I am a user experience designer with a background in graphic design and design research, currently living and working in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. My favorite projects bridge the real world and the digital world.

More about me...

Working as a consultant for 8+ years has helped me hone the instincts and judgment to successfully manage projects, clients, and read a room. My strength is in seeing patterns—and making sense of them. My fondness for design research keeps me focused on the user, even when they’re wrong (kidding!). My background and formal training as a graphic designer means that I have a solid foundation in visual design and that I know how to give and receive criticism.

I try to simplify. I try to lead from behind. I believe that words have meaning. I believe in talking less and listening more.

Sr. user experience designer and strategist, Daylight Design

Interaction design and design research consultant, self-employed

summer 2013
Digital + Emerging Media Intern, Cooper-Hewitt, Smithsonian National Design Museum

MFA in Design, California College of the Arts

Less recent
Graphic designer, self-employed and in-house



Experience design that motivates kids to stay active

Like many wearables, the Kid Power band tracks steps. Unlike many wearables, this one translates steps into a real donation of food for a malnourished child.


An Approachable Medical Device

Medical devices (especially the kind that someone takes home and lives with every day) don’t have to look like they require a medical degree to operate.

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