Hi, I’m Rachel.*

I’m a user experience designer slash strategist at Daylight Design** in San Francisco. Outside of design, I’m a big fan of gardening, brewing beer, and public libraries.



My favorite projects bridge the real world and the digital world. I believe in talking less and listening more.

Things I do well:

  • experience and interaction design

  • human centered user research

  • prototyping and user testing

  • strategy

  • synthesis of quantitative and qualitative inputs

  • definition of opportunity areas

  • visual design

  • writing



Some of the projects I’ve lead at Daylight include the user experience design and concept development for UNICEF Kid Power, a kid-friendly wearable, and the re-brand of the San Francisco Health Network, San Francisco’s public health care program which serves over 100,000 San Franciscans every year.


Contact me: